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 #Urbanplanning 5   


The hole-manifesto 

* While meandering through the city, you encounter a hole.

* This is a sudden interruption in your stroll and as well as in the smooth functioning of urban planning.

* Instead of automatically bypassing the hole, we encourage you to look at it.

* And to decide consciously and critically how to behave with the hole

* Transpose this logic to other events, elements, actions.

* Keep your eyes open and don’t miss the opportunity

          to see 


          and criticize

The hole first appears as an obstacle: but if you acknowledge it, it makes you aware of the model in which you usually behave. Before adjusting your behavior, please take a, look at the hole. Now ask yourself: why did you simply bypass it? Think of the other options. Do you realize that you tend to adjust your behavior without even seeing it?

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