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Begin residency: 19th January 2018 1PM

Invited resident: Jeanne Magnenat (sculptor)

Title: The silence of the Snake

Subtitle: A multimedia installation

Opening: 20th January 2018 1PM

Guests present: (2) Nadja, Aurore

Food served: Apple crumble and cappuccino




And I asked her: “If you could be an animal, what would you like to be?”.

She didn’t answer. She almost never did. But she wrote me back, on a piece of paper:


A snake.

Because it can curl around itself.


Jeanne is a sculptor. She has big eyes, delicate hands, but she barely speaks. She makes sculptures in clay that materialize the inexpressible, introvert bodies, qui en disent long mais qui sont silencieuses. She works very physical and intuitive, and is also writing a lot, but for now in a private context.

She arrived at the residency with a sculpture she made one year ago. Another speechless body.

Jeanne. Her sculptures. The snake. Tree entities that have a form. A strong presence and personality. But are speechless.


In the frame of the residency, we worked on giving them – Jeanne, the sculptor, the snake – a voice. The silence of the snake was a multimedia installation.

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