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Begin residency: 1st of March 2018 6PM

Invited resident: Adriaan de Jongh (game designer)

Title: Big is to care

Subtitle: An augmented reality app about emotional representation of space

Opening: 2nd of March 2018 6PM

Guests present: (13) Irene, Diego, Jagoda, Rogier, Marguerite, Twan, Sonia, Roland, Nina, Myrte, Ilse, Bill

Food served: Pasta dell’orto, wine



Before arriving on Thursday at 18, Adriaan had never been in my house. 10 of the 13 guests coming for the opening neither.




The space that surrounds us can be perceived in many different ways by each individuals. A bench, were you had your love declaration is probably very BIG in your perception of this street, while I might not even notice it. Memories, relations, moments are all very influential in our perception of the object that surround us. And what if we could visualize the space, as it is perceived by each of us? That was our starting point. Adriaan and I wanted to collaborate, to create a work that would mix art, illustration, augmented reality, and game-design.



13 people came to the opening. For 10 of them it was the first time.

They discovered my house. And the app we made.

The opening lasted very long. People stayed for dinner.

They ate the pasta dell’orto, a recipe my mother taught me. In the handmade plates I bought in Grottaglie. We had good wine. The lamp I found on the street was lighting us.




At 11PM everybody left. After this day, everybody had been in my house.


The more you look, touch or care, the bigger it becomes.

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