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*****RESIDENCY is an artist-in-residence program, at my place, Egelantiersstraat 44 I/II in Amsterdam. 

The residency lasts 24 hours and is concluded by an opening of the house to the public, to share the fruit of the 24 hours-residency. 
Artists, musicians, philosophers, thinkers, cooks, etc. are invited, to think * discuss * imagine * create * a first-class-future ---

bringing art out of its traditional context * engaging with the public * breaking the boarder between private and public. 

The is space for one (max 2) resident at a time, which is/are invited to stay over for the night, in the resident room. 

Practical Facilities: Access to the apartment (which is 23m2 divided on 3 floors), a bed and food. 

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