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Begin residency: 12th January 2018 1PM

Invited resident: Irene Brok (visual artist and writer)

Title: Shame

Subtitle: A reading about domestication of domestics objects / shame

Opening: 13th January 2018 1PM

Guests present: (4) Ceel, Sonia, Ilona, Emilia

Food served: Apple cake, tea and coffee


Objects of shame. Earplugs, condoms, vaginal crème, dust, hairs, dirt, dirty underwear, diary, etc: domestics object of shame are well present in our houses, but due to their tabu-character, we careful hide or make them unaccessible to the look of (un)attended guests. behind books, in boxes, in the far behind the visible. Irene asked if she could go over all my stuff, in order to see were the backstage was, and what it was containing. Once she selected what she thought were objects of shame, she changed their context: removing them from their hidden spot, displaying them in the house, taking them outside, or to a gallery space. Asking me about them, explaining other people about them, asking me to explain other people about them. They became the center of the attention, and by that, lost their high value of shame through time. I was present. I was witnessing the change of status. I was ashamed. Now I am less.

During the opening, the objects were laying on the table, next to cake, cups and tea, the right environment to listen to the reading of Irene. And we all went home being a bit less ashamed.

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