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Start of residency: 18th November 2017, 7PM

Invited resident: Laurence Wagner (programming, writing and research in the performing arts) 

Title: Creating Context

Opening: 19th November 2017, 7PM

Guests present: (1) Sonia

Food served: Cheese, Wine

Drinking inspiration coming out of her mouth. Her words. Our encounter. The time spent in the house. Her knowledge. My wishes. It seemed clear: home, a place of retreat, where one lies down and finds comfort. In a hard and disoriented time, home is a base where you can protect yourself, rebuild your strength, remember your desires. Home, a place of resistance in city centres, where speculation devours everything. Home to protest against economical tyranny. Home, a place for sharing companionship and knowledge, a remedy against melancholy and individualism: to make life more interesting, to listen to the ones who are inspiring to us, to create an intimate site of sharing, learning and creating. To have intimacy and proximity forced upon us as a tool to open up, to be rebel and fight against individualism. 

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