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Begin residency: 27th January 2018 1PM

Invited resident: Nadja Henss

Title: Furious Fiesta

Opening: 28th January 2018 1PM

Guests present: (1) Elfie

Food served: Fruit cocktail

Dear Giulia,

What I remember is the warmth and safety of the house (and you). Being back in my white house I notice that I felt taken care of like a kid by you and your many things around the house. I remember the good food and the time taken, having enough time for everything, being in the moment and not in the future. I remember that the guest was talking more to you and asking you about the residency and the house, than asking me about the residency and the work. I remember the intimate and honest moment between you and me, you gaining my trust and making me talk more and more by taking time and questioning in detail. I remember the peaceful sleep, the freshness in the night and in the morning.

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