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Begin residency: 13 April 5PM

Invited resident: Dieuwertje Hehewerth

Title: _Form

Subtitle: Conceptual work about framing and naming.

Opening: Saturday 14th of April

Time: 5PM

Guests present: (15) Diego, Davide, Timna, Antonin, Zsofia, Effy, Jorge, Jeroen, Abel, Rachael, Miriam, Jo-Lene, Arkadiusz

Food served: Tiramisù, Aperol Spritz

_FORM is the public event concluding the 24-hours residency with Dee and our collaboration on understanding why, and to what aim, we can use private spaces to create and display art to the public. Dee and I both use our private homes for art-related public events. Dieuwertje is one of the founders of Plǝt-, a platform exhibiting contemporary painting in a home setting (


“Work doesn’t necessarily turn into a work, doesn’t necessarily feel like work, doesn’t necessarily do anything except skip over small talk and straight into medium talk—not encapsulating the high brow academic talk …


… recollecting thoughts of the conversation and all I hear are the movements of the face that I was talking to. The warmth of her spreading into the objects around and softening the edges of every word…

… The residency aims to create a concentrated, collaborative environment/time frame/work frame/social frame as a ‘solution’ to make life interesting: to open space and to share.

Duration: 24 hours—1 day—one everyday cycle of everyday life—one of each hour.”

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