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Begin residency: 1st of March 2018 6PM

Invited resident: Adriaan de Jongh (game designer)

Title: Big is to care

Subtitle: An augmented reality app about emotional representation of space

Opening: 2nd of March 2018 6PM

Guests present: (13) Irene, Diego, Jagoda, Rogier, Marguerite, Twan, Sonia, Roland, Nina, Myrte, Ilse, Bill

Food served: Pasta dell’orto, wine

“The more you look, touch or care, the bigger it becomes”

Perception is a perennial question for artists who strive to represent reality as they subjectively see it, translating their emotional and personal perception of the world onto their canvas. Perception of objects change in relation to other objects. 

Game designer Adriaan de Jongh and artist Giulia Bierens de Haan were interested in this notion and decided to make this the theme of a 24-hour art jam taking place at Giulia’s house. The result is interactive augmented reality art that gives you the opportunity to navigate a space and to play with the sizes of things.

The floors and objects you look at (by keeping them centred on the screen) become bigger, and what you neglect gets smaller. Spend a few minutes in the app and you'll create an emotional representation, a map of sorts, of Giulia's house and the objects in it.

To read the article the has been published in the app-store



To have a look at the app, go to here



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